About Us


Verum Associates Pty Ltd are a Sydney based recruiter that is solely dedicated to Technology Sales.  We assist Technology organizations to ensure the most competent Sales talent is placed in the right organisation to help both bottom line and career aspirations.  


We help our clients & candidates reduce the time to hire by using video interview technology as part of our recruitment process. By using Verum Associates we will:

  • Reduce your average hiring time from 45 to 24 days
  • Save you wasting time meeting candidates who are strong on paper, but incompatible in person
  • Allow a more informed decision on who to enter into first stage interviews
  • Attract more candidates by using video to engage
  • Bring your opportunities to life
  • Allow you to establish team and culture fit at what would usually be resume stage


Take a look at the short video introduction below for more information:



Speak to us in confidence and with no obligation, we would be delighted to explain (and ideally demonstrate) how we operate.